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The Italian master key to foreign markets.

Italia.IT with its strongly present-oriented perspective, is conceived to pursue the great export opportunities of “Made in Italy”, by addressing those EU and non-EU developing countries which are more and more interested in the renowned quality of Italian goods.

At present, thanks to specific socio-economic development plans, many countries are witnessing a strong, rapid growth, often leading to a significant improvement in their quality of life. In these countries, “Made in Italy”, internationally regarded as the quintessence of quality, is highly esteemed and sought-after.

made in italy

These new protagonists of the international panorama are particularly aware of the new business trends and of the potentialities of the “Made in Italy” brand in many expanding niche markets. In this sense, high-quality Italian products play an essential role in satisfying the demands of all who are looking for excellence and authenticity.

However, the international market is too often hindered by the excessive operating costs and the overwhelming export barriers caused by bureaucratic procedures, varying from one country to the other.

Italia.IT intends to tackle, manage, and overcome these problems in an efficient and professional way, by encouraging and fostering the international trade of “Made in Italy” products. Therefore, offers its assistance throughout the various stages of this project, from the analysis of the foreign demand and the management of the selling process to the positioning of the Italian goods in the foreign markets.